Mission field: Taiwan

learning about God's heart

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For this trip, I may not be able to post updates on my tumblr. So if you want to keep up with me, please make sure you’re on my mailing list! (:

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I’m going to Southeast Asia!

From June 18 - Aug 8 (:

email me if you want a prayer letter!!


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what’s next?

When I started this tumblr in 2010… It was only supposed to be a summer thing. It was meant to be an easy way for for the people who supported me in my trip to Thailand to follow the journey. And when the trip ended I thought that it would be the end to this blog too. I didn’t realize at the time that the journey would keep going. That God would continue to break my heart for his people overseas and that He would continue to teach me things of his Kingdom long after I’ve come home.

Three years later, here I am… still writing…

So, whats next? I’m not really sure… But for those of you who are interested, I am planning to go on a trip this summer to Asia. 

I’ve been searching for opportunities to serve in an orphanage for a longg time… and every place I called or emailed either never answered, didn’t need help at the moment, or the timing was just off… It was getting really frustrating. God had given me this huge heart for orphans I  felt stuck! Nothing made sense… I didn’t understand why God has been closing all the doors. “God, I just want to serve your orphans… why won’t you let me go”

By God’s stressful orchestration of my life… which always seems to mess up my own plans, God reunited me with a good friend from OMF. She challenged me to look at what God has placed on my heart in a different way… and when I say she’s challenged me… it’s honestly been really challenging. Things we’re starting to click and make sense when she spoke to me… but now I’m afraid and I have a lot of doubts.

As of now, I’m in the works for another summer trip to Asia… Where? Is yet to be determined, but i’m going. This may be my last for a while since I don’t know what my future looks like in terms of working and grad school. Praying that it isn’t my last…

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I had a dream last night where I got to play with these 2 again… 

in a dream, it’s just so real… I nearly died when I woke up. It’s been 2 1/2 years since I’ve seen their smiling faces. 

I realized that on all my overseas missions trips, there’s always one person that I’ve grown real close with that I never get to say goodbye to. They just seem to be missing on the last day. Maybe that’s God’s way of telling me that it’s not the end, but I’ll see them again in heaven.

I miss them so much.